How Do I Know If Regrouting Is Necessary?

It depends on the cause of the problem. Majority of the time cleaning and resealing the grout will resolve the issue. By identifying the cause of cracked or damaged grout the repair options can be confidently considered. There may be more than one solution but you will always be given the option. In the following cases regrouting is a must:



  • If mildew or mold is persistent and keeps recurring
  • If tiles are off or about to come off due to wear and tear
  • Where grout is flaking and cracking around wet areas ie: baths, showers, sinks etc
  • If grout is missing between tiles
  • Where cleaning is unable to restore the grout to its original condition

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Tile regrouting is one of the services provided at Four Removal Solutions. Our customer’s health and safety is our top priority, therefore we ensure that our chemical or treatment used are safe.  

We provide free site inspection at your home/workplace to have a better understanding of the situation, and our specialists will explain the steps and procedures of solving the issues faced by our customers. Furthermore, our specialists will also be able to provide a on-site quotation and advise our customers tips.

We are one of the service providers that provide a one-stop-service for anti-mold paint work, replacement of moldy silicone sealant, tile regrouting and disinfecting service.

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