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Painting is one of our services provided at Four Removal Solutions. Our specialty is producing high quality craftsmanship for both interior and exterior painting and both home residential and commercial painting. Our well-trained painting technicians are accustomed with every aspect of house painting, and we work hard to meet any deadline, and can accommodate the needs of our customers with busy schedules.

Our specialists are able to visit your property for a free site inspection to get an idea of the costs that will be required for the job, and provide a on-site quotation. We uses Nippon Paint and Dulux for most of our jobs as both brands are famous locally for their high-grade and durable products and are able to provide a long-lasting finishing touch.

We are one of the service providers that offer good economical prices for all types of projects. Our specialists will run you through every part of the painting process through constant communication, site inspections, preparation and precautionary measures to protect furniture and post-painting warranties which includes 2 free touch-up services within 1 year after the project ended.

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Why Four Removal Solutions

Service Guaranteed

  • 2 Color choice + Base White (Nippon or Dulux Paint).
  • 2 Touch up for the first twelve months.

No Hidden Fee or Costing

  • Price include labor and paint.
  • Price are all nett.


  • Anti-mold painting which include additives available.
  • Tile re-grouting & silicone sealant replacement.



3 Rooms

$700 – $1,000

4 Rooms

$800 – $1,300

5 Rooms

$850 – $1600

HDB EA (Single Storey)

$1,000 – $1,600

HDB EA (Double Storey)

$1,400 – $1,900


Below 1001 sq.ft

$800 – $1,200

1201 – 1501 sq. ft

$1,200 – $1,500

1501 – 1801 sq. ft

$1,500 – $1,800

Above 1801 sq. ft

Quote After Viewing


Quote After Viewing

Add on

Sealant (Under Coat Paint)

$200 – $600

Anti-Mold Paint

$150 – $400

We try to ensure that our prices are competitive. Nippon Paint and Dulux are mainly used in our projects, we will change the cost of a product, either higher or lower. The rates shown above only includes 2 color choices, base paint white, 2 free touch up within 1 year.
We reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice. However, if you have ordered but has yet to pay for it, we guarantee the price for 30 days from when the order was placed.

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Questions & Answers

Which is better, water base paints or oil base?

both water base and oil base paints have their pros and cons, but water base paints are better than oil base paints. This is because the technology in chemical engineering keeps improving when it comes to developing water base paints. On the other hand. due to the strict environment and health regulations, ingredients and components used to make oil base paints are no longer part of the modern oil base paint chemical formula.

Do we do small paint jobs or touch up paint job?

Yes we do. Small paint jobs help us to fill time between other projects.

Can exterior paint be use inside?

No. Exterior paints are made for the paint film to expand and contract constantly during the life span of the paint finish. If used for interior walls, the paint film can crack. Also the high volume of acrylic and fungicides, UV protective additives can be unhealthy in interior close areas. Nevertheless, paints that are for both exterior and interior are fine to use inside.

Anti-mold paint can only be used for ceiling?

We have our own anti-mold addictive that can be added into the paint of your choice. With this, we can technically change any paint into anti-mold paint, and also determine the concentration level of the anti-mold addictive used.

my exterior wall is prone to algae/fungal, what kind of paint should i use?

Not only are we able to get rid of any existing algae/fungal infestation that you face on your exterior wall, we will then paint a layer of acrylic paint ( water resistant ) before applying any other exterior wall paint colour of your choice.

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Our company aim is to achieved high quality work and service guaranteed, by not cutting any of our paint quality and exercise great diligence when doing our work.


Be it house painting, home painting, wall painting, touch up painting, commercial or residential we strive to be the top painter, painting works in Singapore.